Healing Hearts


 Loss, betrayal, addiction (yours or someone else’s), abuses on every level, brokenness, isolation, unforgiveness, pain (physical and emotional) can shut down the heart—locking it away from being able to function. When this happens, people find themselves on automatic pilot, just ‘going through the motions’ of living. It can be a familiar, but desolate place where dreams get lost, pain is medicated, and walls get built to insulate from any further hurt. When growth becomes stunted in hearts that are clogged with past issues, it is not unusual to experience recurring patterns that can cause more problems: multiple divorces, job losses, continued abuses, addictions, etc.

Is it time to recover your heart and begin to feel again?

 Specializing in recovery for partner’s of sex addicts:

I entered into codependency recovery after discovering my husband’s sexual addiction in 2002. Having spent years recovering my heart and learning to feel again, I have processed through forgiveness and healing from the betrayals in my marriage. I had to learn how to value myself and to set healthy boundaries within my relationship with my husband. Since I have been through the healing process, I have developed a passion for helping other women to be educated about sexual addiction and codependency. I’ve been where you are at, and am now on the other side—I can help you understand the intricacies of sexual addiction and how to find your way through the process.

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