Body Code Terms


Seeking or Addictive Heart Energy – An energy created out of the heart’s desperation to feel love, joy, etc. A profound attractor field and a driving force behind addictions of all kinds. Approximately 42% of people have this. Symptoms may include obsessive, addictive, and destructive behaviors; cravings for or attracting inappropriate, harmful and/or pleasurable things (i.e., negative emotions, sugar, food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, illnesses, conflict); excessive and unhealthy drive to work, exercise, etc.

Broadcast Message – An energy that is continually sent out from the body to other people who receive it subconsciously. These can influence your ability to form and keep relationships, as well as attract negativity and the wrong people. 

Chakra – Means “wheel” or “disk; any of the seven major centers of energy that emanate from the spine. These can be imbalanced by trapped emotions and other energies.

Cording – An energetic connection or cord between two people. A healthy cord would be a heart to heart connection with a loved one.

Despair Anchor – A negative statement that is perceived as a truth by the subconscious mind, which will seek to verify or fulfill that “truth.” It is usually created from severe or repetitive negative thinking.

Idea Allergy – An energy that results from negativity surrounding a certain idea.

Images – The trapped energy of a “picture in the mind.” The subconscious mind will attempt to fulfill this image, and will direct (or misdirect) behavior to make sure this image “comes true.” These often interfere with goals and relationships, depending on what the image is of.

Intolerance – An energy that causes the body to have a negative reaction to a food or other element. Most often refers to food intolerances, which cause digestive problems and energy loss when that food is eaten. 

Heart Wall – A creation of the subconscious mind made of emotions trapped in and around the heart to create a wall of protection.

Magnetic Field Imbalance – A deficiency or imbalance in the body’s magnetic field; sometimes called MFDS, or Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome (i.e., power lines, cell phones, x-rays, microwaves, etc.). It is caused by a lack of connection with the earth’s magnetic field as well as other imbalances.

Memory Field Imbalance – The energy of memories stored in the energy field (often in front of a person). This is present when memories are traumatic or often recalled, making it difficult to move ahead in life.

Meridians: (In acupuncture) Any of the pathways in the body along which vital energy flows.

Miasm – An inherited distortion of the energy field from a suppressed disease that occurred during an ancestor’s life. It influences the balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Morning Sickness – When there is a disconnection between any part of the pregnant mother and any part of the baby or baby’s support system; it can result in “morning sickness” or nausea for the mother.

Misalignment – A physical misalignment of a tissue in the body. It can create pain and/or malfunction in connected bodily tissues. Most structural misalignments will be found in the skeleton.

Microbial Toxins – Two types: 1 –Some pathogens create toxins in the body as a byproduct of their own metabolism. For example, parasites produce uric acid, which often causes joint and muscle pain.  2 – When pathogens die, the release of toxins that ensues is what creates “die-off” symptoms.

No Will To Live – An energy that becomes trapped when life overwhelms us and we lose the desire to live.  It can occur from even a temporary experience of these feelings. It can cause depression, trouble moving forward, or problems with the legs and feet.

Offensive Energies   – A variety of spiritual and emotional interferences that hinder healthy growth.  (i.e., curses, saboteurs, etc.)

Physical Allergy – An energy that develops from changes in the way the energy field reacts to the energy of something (i.e., a particular food, cat hair, dust, etc.).

Physical To Physical Disconnection – A breakdown in communication and connection between 2 parts of the physical body (i.e., 2 different muscles of the left knee, usually in the same immediate area).

pH Imbalance – Measures the acidity or alkalinity of the body. A pH of 7.3 to 7.5 is healthy for the human body.  A pH lower than 7.1 is too acidic. Most people have a pH that is too-acidic (vs. a too-alkaline pH) because most of our diets encourage acidity in the body. Causes of acid pH: too much meat, sugar, stress, acidic foods.

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions – The energy of a negative statement on the sub-conscious mind.  It can result in depression, suicidal tendencies and “inversions.”

Prions – Deformed or mutated protein molecules that wreak havoc in the tissues of the body. Our testing indicates that these dangerous proteins are usually derived from normal proteins in the body that are then damaged by toxins, particularly by heavy metals.

Psychic Trauma – When two emotions are felt simultaneously they can become trapped into one sphere of energy. This is known as a Psychic Trauma.

Spirit Out Of Body – When the spirit body becomes dislodged so it is residing partially outside the physical body; usually due to physical trauma such as a fall, car accident or intense emotional stress. If a portion of the spirit is outside of the physical body, the result will be similar to a disconnection of the spirit and body.

Spirit To Spirit Disconnection –  A break or tear in the spirit or energy body.  It usually affects the heart but can affect other body parts or the whole spiritual body.  A spirit/spirit disconnection of the heart would be considered a “broken heart.”

Spirit To Physical Disconnection – When the spirit body and the physical body are not fully connected in some area. It often results in misalignment, lowered immunity, organ malfunction, gland malfunction, or disease.

Success Blocks  –  Not being able to move forward in a balanced, healthy and productive way; an obstacle to the normal progress or functioning of something; barrier, hurdle, hindrance, deterrent, handicap, complication, problem, disadvantage.

Will To Die – An energy that develops from wishing for death, either as an escape or from self-abusive thoughts.  It can cause serious depression and suicidal tendencies.