Therapies for Veterans

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Strategies for Healing has purchased medical equipment that has the benefit of addressing the challenges of PTSD (and other issues too) by bringing the body into a relaxation state; reducing anxiety, insomnia, heightened tension, and flashbacks.

We have been hearing more and more about the debilitating encounters of those who are struggling with PTSD. So many have been unable to maintain relationships, keep jobs or function on any real normal level.

Our hearts are to help those who are suffering, whether they are military vets or others that have been through extreme trauma, to function better and make life more manageable.

We have several different therapies—all for the purpose of addressing the challenges of PTSD. You can find out more on our website: or

For those who cannot afford to pay …

Strategies for Healing offers a non-profit arm—Strategies for Healing Hearts, allowing people to give for the purpose of those who couldn’t otherwise afford services.

Every dollar that is donated for this purpose will be used to help veterans and those who have been through extreme trauma. We know that often people are looking for good causes for year-end giving.

Feel free to contact us for any reason 303-564-2723. You are also invited to come into the office and see all that we do. We are glad to offer you a complimentary session in the Life Vessel for any gifts of $500 or more.

DONATE nonprofitTo give: access this Paypal link for Strategies for Healing Hearts:


Thank you for your consideration to help trauma victims get this integrative help. We appreciate you and bless you for your gift.

Working together for results,

Gary & Sharon Worrell
Strategies for Healing Hearts

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