meme: The body is a self-healing organism. It knows what is wrong and what it needs. The Body Code is how we "decode" those needs.

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  • A life free from depression, anxiety, and fear
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  • A healthier body and mind
  • A therapy that compliments and enhances your self-care
Sharon Worrell

Sharon Worrell, Certified Body Code Practitioner, Biblical Counselor

Your Subconscious is a Catalog

Your subconscious is a catalog—it has cataloged every single incident in your life. Your conscious mind may recall 10% of what’s in the catalog (and that may be generous). The subconscious can be accessed by muscle testing what might be there and instructing the body to make adjustments to bring energetic balance to that which is imbalanced.

The Heart was made to experience love and joy—but when there is emotional pain or breakdown in some way, the body builds a Heart Wall to insulate from further pain. Heart Walls are made up of trapped emotions that are energies with negative frequencies that create imbalances in the body. These imbalances may be a contributing factor to the challenges you are experiencing.

Emotion Code and Body Code is able through a very complex APP to identify what negative emotions may have created heart walls and how to release them; giving the opportunity to balance and align other challenges within the body. 

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Sharon is a Board-Certified Biblical Counselor with over a decade of experience helping clients release negative frequencies and find peace and healing. She has practiced different modalities addressing stress and trapped emotions, and she is skilled in using Emotion and Body Code to drill into the subconscious and release the root causes of emotional pain. Sharon’s clients have reported significant progress in their lives, and she is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential.