How old are you? Have you ever been sick, traumatized, or made poor choices when it came to food, drink, or exercise?

What health issues are you now facing? Did it happen suddenly? Or is your current health the result of poor decisions over a long period of time?

No doubt you may have either heard, or said this, “Oh I tried alternative therapies, but they just made me sicker than I already was.” 

Did you try those therapies until you started to feel “yucky”, or did you do exactly as instructed—such as drinking plenty of water to flush out the toxins being cleaned from your cells? Many people don’t realize that when recovering their health, they might feel worse than they did before they started. 

In a way, it’s like slowly going into debt over a long period of time. After making a series of counter-productive decisions, a financial crisis brings a wake-up-call, and a professional must be obtained to help unwind the financial mess. Restrictions, penalties, fees, and other unpleasantries have to be addressed while you regain control over your finances—and your mindsets. In other words, things get a bit worse before they get better.

Recovering your health after years of poor decisions, lifestyle, or stress inducers follow a similar path. The toxins must be flushed away as they are released from the cells. Old injuries that didn’t heal well need extra support to mend more effectively while mindsets and over-all health are balanced.

 When you look at a tree trunk cut in half, you can learn a great deal about what that tree has endured and overcome—or not—by the story its rings display.The health recovery process can be beautifully explained through a metaphor found in nature. When you look at a tree trunk cut in half, you can learn a great deal about what that tree has endured and overcome—or not—by the story its rings display. When the rings of the tree are viewed closely, you can see a great deal of information regarding how old the tree is, and what it has experienced during its various growth cycles. The tree’s growth ring reveals that a drought had occurred, another ring is fatter and shows that there was an abundance of rain. Yet another ring in the tree is darker and scared, showing that the tree had endured a forest fire—or disease.

When the year had been a year of drought, the ring appeared thin because growth had been limited. When the ring was plump and fat, the observer would note that during this period of time, there had been an abundance of water and the year had experienced productive growth and health. At the same time, if a forest fire had burned the tree, that scar would show as well. This is very similar to what the human body experiences as it grows through the years. 

When there is trauma or poor nutrition, the bones, tissues, emotions, and beliefs are all affected in the same way as the year a forest fire consumed the bark of the tree mentioned above. New layers of health will cover over and hide the damage, but the damage remains, nonetheless. 

While addressing your health, you might find that an old injury will flare up, or you might experience headaches, aches, or feel sick to your stomach during various periods of reclaiming your health. The discomfort will be temporary. Do not stop the protocol that has been set to reclaim your desired health goal. 

Clients have shared with us that they didn’t like the results they were getting with various alternative therapies because of headaches, nauseousness, or low energy shortly after they start a new protocol for reclaiming their health. Their knee-jerk reaction is to forego the temporary discomfort and reach for an aspirin or some other ‘miracle’ drug which will take away the symptoms.

What they don’t realize is that there are no instant remedies that are truly addressing the deeper health issues. They might be helpful for temporary relief, but not long-term results. Needless to say, “Whatever the issue is, it didn’t take you overnight to get there, and it won’t take overnight to recover.” (Of course, in the case of a sudden accident or other physical trauma, this is not the case. What is being addressed in this post are health issues that have occurred over a period of time, not suddenly.)

The greatest mistake a person can make when utilizing alternative therapies, including energetic technology such as the Life Vessel, is to not drink enough water—or not drink any at all. 

Drinking water is VITAL for flushing out the impurities and re-hydrating the cells. Impurities, waste, and toxins need to be flushed out of the cells while your body stays hydrated in order to function and heal more effectively. Not doing so increases the occurrence of headaches, nauseousness, or aches and pains.

If you are feeling a bit impatient over wanting to feel instantly free of low energy issues, insomnia, headaches, anxieties or other issues, remember, that these things came in layers, over time—and in layers, and over time, they will be overcome while your body heals.

Celebrate each victory as it comes, and pay attention to how you are receiving and perceiving your healing adventure. Even the tiniest victory is a huge reward when you consider what you are reclaiming—and how it will affect your future health and peace-of-mind.

Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest! It’s not an old-wives tale, it’s a fact that your body will not heal if it does not receive what it requires to recover and heal at a cellular level. This includes your emotional and mental health! One layer at a time. Discomfort while healing is temporary, while the rewards are long-lasting. 

If you have experienced any of the symptoms in this blog post while receiving alternative therapies, be absolutely certain that you share these things with your health professional. Working as a team with your other health professionals is what Strategies for Healing is all about. We focus on STRATEGIES to bring you to a place of health and healing.

Call us now at  (720) 432-6299 to discuss the perfect strategy for YOU to reclaim your health

(Each individual is unique and requires and deserves the full attention to developing a strategy to reclaim your health while recovering from the negative effects of stress.) 






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