Treating PTSD

What are you keeping bottled up inside of you?

Our culture has become increasingly stressful with shootings, terror attacks, bullies, economic downturns, workplace challenges, political unrest, relationship problems (marriage and/or divorce), single parent issues–trying to keep your kids safe, and financial pressures.  

20160807_141524What do you do with all this stuff? Is your anxiety off the charts–is it your constant companion these days? How do you overcome it? Is your quality of sleep affected? If so, your adrenals are not recouping and you might be in a constant state of fight and flight…it’s a pretty good bet that your adrenals are blown out–which perpetuates the cycles of anxiety and no sleep. It is never ending and becomes a downward spiral into health challenges.

Don’t wait for that to happen!!!! Take control over this cycle before it gets that far, and seek ways for reducing stress:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Take a walk in the sunshine/nature
  • Listen to some uplifting music
  • See a counselor that can assist your process
  • PEMF therapy (pulse electro-magnetic pulse field therapy)
  • Life Vessel sessions for a complete relaxation response in the body

The Life Vessel has the ability to utilizes several different therapies to assist the body in finding that complete relaxation response. It was a component for emotional release. There are so many different ways that the Life Vessel can assist you in stopping that the downward spiral.

When you budget to pay your monthly obligations, don’t forget about the obligation to YOURSELF … which is to take care of YOU. Those other obligations will never be met as long as you are not a priority. Budget at least one monthly visit to the Life Vessel to destress and enjoy the benefits of balancing your autonomic nervous system.

Think clearer, enjoy sleeping better and become well rested and more energetic. It’s not rocket science to know that by investing in your health, body, soul, and mind, that you’ll be investing in a healthier future all around. 

Contact us today to find out how you can get some relief from all those things that are bottled up inside you. 

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