20160717_155706 (1)We all have stress these days, it’s impossible to get away from it. Life is not simple anymore…the complex challenges that we face each day are overwhelming. Life, at its best, creates complicated issues that we must deal with. Stress that has been wrapped up in traumatic events such as shootings, military situations, abuse of any sort can leave people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder–effecting the way they do life, relationships, work and family. Stress gets all packed up in our lives and sometimes we do not have any idea how to get rid of those bags.

All the ways that have been established to deal with stress have evolved over time, some work, others not so much. Exercise, meditation, support groups, medications–all are ways of managing stress. Depending on the levels of stress, and the individual situations, there may be not be much relief…which leads to the search for how to address what may be going on physiologically and emotionally. 

The Autonomic Nervous System is made up of the Sympathic and the Parasympathic–with the Sympathic being the part that fights toxins, bacteria, viruses, and anything else in the body that is considered an invader. The Parasympathic is the part that is self-soothing. If the Sympathic is dominate and is always in the fight mode, there becomes a challenge in balancing the two. The Autonomic Nervous System balances by reducing stress on the body and bringing it into a relaxation state.

The Life Vessel is an FDA-cleared medical device that uses light, sound, vibrational frequency and infrared light to reduce stress and bring the body into that relaxation state that then allows the body to balance the autonomic nervous system–therefore unpacking those bags that are causing challenges within you. 

Come in and experience this non-invasive tool to see how this can help you manage the stress that you have all packed up in your life.


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