You’ve already sustained years of emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental trauma if you are reading this article … and you aren’t’ alone! 

Traumatic events are a part of life. Not one person will escape these experiences.

Emotional traumaWhen trauma happens, it happens in a variety of ways. In abusive relationships, an abuser will use emotional and mental tactics called “gaslighting” and/or “crazy-making”.  The term ‘gaslighting’ is named after a 1944 film in which a husband convinces his wife that she isn’t seeing what she’s seeing.  This type of trauma is emotional and mental anguish.

Crazy-making is a form of communication – or rather, a lack of communication filled with words that make no sense. A person who defaults to this tactic will, at first, sound as though they know what they are going to tell you, but then get lost in a confusing maze of thoughts, ideas, stories, lies, and accusations. Trying to keep up with this type of conversation is called “crazy-making” because you literally question your sanity.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual painPhysical trauma occurs when we are injured, or continue to endure other sorts of trauma that affect our peace of mind. A lack of mental stability and peace of mind contributes to stress, anxiety, depression, and disease in the body.

Spiritual trauma comes when a deeply held belief is exposed as a lie. Everything changes in your world including your perception of all the choices and events that occurred when you first believed the lie. This is not limited to religious settings or beliefs but is also entrenched in cultural beliefs and customs.

Unfortunately, many people are victims of trauma and they don’t even know it! Being raised by a mentally ill parent may lead to toxic relationships when growing up and result in marrying a mentally ill or abusive spouse. The lies that you believe to be true, have set the stage for a “familiar” way of life. Because it is “familiar”, it feels “right”. 

Each relationship, workplace, or church that “feels like home” may contain the very abuse that is causing continued trauma in a person’s life … because it is familiar and it feels “right.”

Once a person comes to the point of desiring to address the trauma in their life, will need a strong support system to navigate through the thoughts, beliefs, pain, and mental gymnastics that inevitably come from releasing one way of living life, in order to live life more fully and completely.  

Clearing trauma takes time! If you are fifty years old, you have fifty years worth of continual trauma to clear out of your thoughts, heart, and even physically, at a cellular level.

Strong emotions cause damage to our cells when they are negative or fear based emotions. Don’t believe me? Think back to a time when you’ve received devastating news and your knees went weak. Why do you think people ask first, before giving bad news, if you are sitting down? Because your BODY responds to emotional and mental trauma.

Did you know that 85% of all diseases are rooted in trauma and negative mental thinking? Emotional stress is linked to cancer! We cannot sustain deep, emotional and mental trauma without it affecting our health.

Clearing trauma from your mind, body, and emotions will allow your body to heal itself and support you in living a more happy and fulfilling life.

At Strategies for Healing, we have many various therapies to clear trauma in all the areas mentioned in this article. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and start clearing your trauma now!

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