Think different

Thinking differently comes from clearing out emotional  clutter

Clearing away emotional clutter helps you to make intelligent, thoughtful choices for a very different life

thumbs-upThink Different—Be Different: How Perception Reframing Can Change Your Life will show how perceptions and the way you think can influence every aspect of your everyday life.

From health issues to emotional roadblocks of trauma, fears, anxieties or addictions to interpersonal relationships and performance plateaus—perceptions have everything to do with the amount of success or failure experienced in life.

Technology has advanced to the point of being able to assist in addressing the imbalances within that cause the emotional clogs that keep us cycling through the same negative habit patterns. You will discover how to bring balance to what is keeping you stuck!

When you come into our office, you’ll most likely have a reason already in mind that you want to address. Very few people understand the value of preventative health maintenance to enhance the quality of their life, so most will have struggled with a nagging thought, emotion or behavior for quite some time before they finally make that call.

When issues such as self-defeating thoughts, worry, anxiety, bitterness or a variety of other negative emotions and thoughts are ignored, they are actually being stuffed and will impact the body which can lead to disease. 

These issues are covered up by “stories” that we make up in our minds to justify our pain, or our unforgiveness, or “right” to be “right”. After years, the initial emotion is shoved down internally so far, that the emotions being experienced right now have become a chaotic mess of cluttered thoughts and emotions.

Gary and Sharon demonstrate the EVOX system

Gary and Sharon demonstrate the EVOX system

When you sit down on our couch to receive your EVOX therapy, you’ll be given a headset to wear which will have a microphone attached. You will speak about the issue which you originally came into our office with and while you are speaking, the software will ‘read’ the emotional vibrations in your voice.  

Each emotional response has a different vibration and will reveal itself as such. A visual graph will be shown to you on the computer that is running the software and you’ll be shown what the most negative emotion is that is keeping your negative thoughts active.

Once the vibration has been identified, you’ll listen to specially calibrated musical notes which will address the mental state attached to that emotion. Once you’ve heard that blend of musical notes, you’ll speak again into the microphone about your issue. At that time you’ll usually immediately see a remarkable change in the intensity of the emotion and you may even hear this change in your voice. 

Clearing cluttered thoughtsThis therapy will continue during your session until you have “cleared”. Being cleared means that the negative energy of the emotion has been reversed to the point that you can now think differently about the underlying thoughts.

Relief is noticed as “lifting” of your emotions and a calming of your thoughts. Some will notice immediate results, others will notice results over time as they realize that old emotional triggers are no longer hindering their quality of life.

Make your appointment today to experience this amazing technology! 

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