Scientists are revealing to the public the amazing power of sound waves.

In several YouTube videos, experiments reveal how sound vibrations change the way objects respond to gravity.

WARNING! Fascinating rabbit trails of information and scientific fact are included in this blog post. Clicking on embedded links will take you to outside sites in order to discover supporting information and facts regarding sound vibrations and the autonomic nervous system.

In Life Vessel sessions, clients receive the benefits of sound vibrations at a cellular level. Just the sheer fact that sound waves can levitate objects (as depicted in the video below) is enough to show that sound vibration therapy would influence the relaxing results that support healing and maintaining health.

weightlessnessIf you have ever experienced even the slightest ‘weightlessness’ while cruising over a bump in the road, or on an amusement park ride, or in an airplane, you have felt lighter and freer … if even for a brief moment in time. Can you remember what it felt like when, as a small child, you were tossed in the air or lifted high? Remember the weightlessness and the thrill of joy that brought?

As your body rises up, the crushing weight of gravity is lifted and for that brief second, you can feel the sensation of “being reordered”. Well, at least I can. As a child, I loved it when my Dad would drive along the side of a rolling road so that I could feel the highs and lows of the bumps that we cruised over. 

Weightlessness is now being explored through the power of sound vibration. Each vibrational wave produces a different effect from the last vibration, and together, they levitate and balance objects, suspending them in air. 

Now Scientists are wondering if sound waves had something to do with ancients moving stones of massive weight! (Could this be how pyramids were built? Only recently, the stones at Stonehenge were discovered to produce varying tones of sound when struck.) Watch this video to view heavier objects levitating.

It would make sense that something so common on the planet such as music, would have invited the limited perceptions that where there was music, there was only the emotional or supernatural responses … without understanding the science behind the waves themselves. We love our stories! Stories of romance that are influenced by the love song, the supernatural with the creepy sounds that accompany a scary movie …

The hearing impaired have long known how vibrations affect them because their hearing does not override their sense of touch. But those who hear, are not as aware of the power of vibration, only the power of the story that came with the song or the melody.

Apply this amazing science to just one of the benefits of a Life Vessel treatment, and you can begin to visualize and understand how sound waves can benefit your health by producing a full “massage” to your cells while realigning your autonomic nervous system. 

Sound vibration therapy enhances the restorative effect that relaxation provides in a body at rest. Reducing stress reduces dis-ease in the body resulting from an overworked, and anxiety drive life in our modern world. 

Watch this short video to more clearly visualize how sound vibrations are affecting your cells and what it can mean towards reducing stress in your body.

From water droplets to stones …

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