Stress song

Is stress killing you with its seductive song?

Stress is not an illness that can be resolved with surgery, radiation, pills or potions nor can it can it be ignored, quarantined or bottled up nor placed in storage to be addressed at a later date.

The longer stress occupies us, the more it destroys peace and life within. Stress is a cruel taskmaster that has no mercy or grace. When stress is not addressed it begins to isolate us, breeds a sense of independence and we tend to indulge in harmful thoughts and actions with dangerous consequences.

The song of stress carries many tunes. The verses of this song speak of living up to other people’s expectations, perfection, “what ifs”, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and many other verses, that no doubt, you are familiar with.

Studies show that up to 85% of all physical and psychological dysfunctions can be associated with stress. Similar studies suggest that an impaired immune system can be associated with stress-induced experiences affecting relationships, job activities, family and financial concerns. The autonomic nervous system works closely with the immune system to kept it healthy and when these are stressed, our body does not function well.

But don’t panic! A key that can help address stress is relaxation and it takes less time than you think. No need for a spa weekend or a retreat to address stress because this technique is available to everyone.

Relaxation begins with the mind, how you think and what you think: if you think stressful thoughts, your stress and anxiety will be high.

Reducing stress naturallyStart today and de-stress your life with meditation, prayer or quiet time. A few minutes daily can help ease stress and anxiety. “Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways reducing stress,” says “psychologist Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, a Chicago health and wellness coach.”

This tool can be used any time of the day, anywhere and starts like this: Sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes and focus your attention on reciting out loud or silently a positive statement such as “I feel at peace” or “I love myself.” Place one hand on your belly to sync the statement with your breaths. Let any distracting thoughts float out your mind like clouds. Do this for about 2-5 minutes to start.

The best time to start is now; the best place to start is right where you are. Do it now and begin to reap the benefits. Check back for more stress reduction tools.

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