Stress is not what you think

We’ve heard it a million times … Stress Kills!

Yet this researcher, who for years has taught this very thing, now presents a very different conclusion. It is not stress that kills but our belief that it kills.

Say what? How does that work? Watch the video below (it’s about 15 minutes long) Then continue reading, to see how Strategies for Healing addresses the health issues that your negative beliefs are creating in your body, mind, and emotions.

What you perceive to be true, isn’t necessarily true – or factual. However, you believing it is, alters the course of your life and influences your decisions regarding a matter.

Did you know that scientific studies are gathering mounting data regarding how people are developing psychiatric disorders due to their addictions to social media?

The perception of whether a person is loved, hated, beautiful, interesting, or worthy, are all tied up in the ever-changing opinions of others who are influenced in their opinions. And those opinions are manipulated according to the agendas of marketers, politicians, advertisers, news media and others.

More times than we’d like to hear, newscasters tell horrifying stories of people who have committed suicide or harmed others, based on what they believed from what they were reading online. That’s stress folks. Stress that pushes a person to harm themselves, and those who don’t act on harm, stuff their fears, worries, and anxieties which surface in disease and addictions.

What a stellar perception reframe of how we perceive stress! It really isn’t the stress … that which causes pressure … it is how we perceive that stress. 

Like the resistance of water which allows a ship to move through it or the wind beneath the wings of a plane, stress demands a corresponding action. However, without properly responding to that stress, the force becomes harmful and destructive.

It’s time to change the way you are perceiving your world, those in it, and what has occurred in your past!  Do this, by contacting us to set an appointment to begin sessions utilizing Mind/Body Protocol to locate those “hot buttons” that continue to create stress and emotional chaos.

And as you invest the time to change the course of your life and the results you’re getting, de-stress your body at a cellular level and balance your autonomic nervous system so that your body can restore itself to an optimal state.  This deep, intensive therapy is achieved through Life Vessel treatments.


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