Strategies for Healing in a Team

Medical Doctors recommend that it is important that a patient receives emotional and mental support during physical recovery after surgery or accident recovery.

Supporting the mind and emotions while under a Doctor’s care is an excellent way to obtain the full benefit of your Doctor’s services and your continued healing.

Medical TeamEvery person who has to endure surgery, or who has been through physical trauma, is going to experience mental and emotional stress in addition to the physical issues being addressed.

Not every person will be affected in the same way. Some will experience insomnia and others will experience PTSD symptoms. Living through a horrific automobile accident or a broken bone, burns or a negative diagnosis is not something that just fits in your day. Life is suddenly and dramatically altered.

Negative childhood experiences that have produced trauma, fears or worries, might have been stuffed and a critical event such as a physical injury may trigger those emotions, causing damage or hindrance to the healing process.

Anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and stress can dramatically affect the success of a medical procedure and complete healing. 

An excellent article regarding the emotional aspects of patient experiences when in intensive care can be found on Here’s a snippet:

Intensive care: Patients’ experiences 
Emotional aspects of recovery

Admission to an intensive care unit because of critical illness or an accident can have a huge impact on someone’s life, both physically and emotionally. Many people said that, as well as recovering physically, they had to accept and deal with what had happened to them emotionally. Here people talk about recovering emotionally after being in intensive care. 

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