The mind is powerful. So powerful, that medical doctors through the ages have been perplexed, puzzled and fascinated on how it hinders or enhances healing.

People who should have easily overcome an illness, or physical injuries, do not. And other people who should have died, live.

Why? What is it about the mind that has such power over our bodies?

Setting your expectations towards healing and improving health begins with the mind. If you are convinced that nothing will help … then nothing will. And if you are convinced of possibilities, then possibilities present themselves.

Healing takes timeEvery aspect of your healing and wholeness will take time, and it may not manifest how you think it should. Afterall … your current state of health most likely didn’t happen overnight. Growth and healing take time. It’s a process and requires attention and care.

How you mentally and emotionally approach your wellness begins in the mind and affects the outcome of your overall health. There are people who strongly disagree with this and believe that their thoughts are only thoughts … nothing but air. After all, there is no physical substance to hidden thoughts, positive or negative, right?

However, just ask those same people if their knees have ever buckled or become weak at tragic news, or if they wanted to leap for joy at a sudden announcement of good news. Didn’t the body react? 

There are individuals who have suffered greatly through abuse and trauma that recovered and came to live life fully and joyfully. Others, who have not experienced extreme traumas or abuse, have withered away and died. Why? Because what the mind thinks, the body obeys and manifests.

Mounting evidence for the role of the mind in disease and healing is leading to a greater acceptance of mind–body medicine*

Scientists have now proven this long-held belief that the ancients have declared for centuries. The body cannot be treated through a “category” mindset that believes the physical body is separate from emotions, and emotions are separate from the mind. We are whole and complex beings, not machines.

Think back to some of the most prevalent stress-filled thoughts that you are the most familiar with. Thoughts that scream lack or ridicule, abandonment or betrayal. In fact, did you know that the average human has up to 60,000 thoughts a day, and a whopping 80% of them are negative?

Each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day! That’s one thought per second in every waking hour! Amazingly, 95 percent are the same thoughts repeated every day. On average, 80 percent of those habitual thoughts are negative.*

With that in mind, consider how those negative thoughts affect your energy, stress, peace of mind, sleep, relationships, and every other aspect of your life. Decisions are made by what is believed in the mind and the information that is known at the time.

Just as a patient receiving a placebo will recover from an illness, just the opposite is true. Healing can be blocked in a patient who is convinced that nothing will work … for him, even though medicine is taken. The idea that a person can “try this … or try that” in hope that they will be healed, is fruitless without the participation of the individual’s mind, will and actions. In other words, there must be a WILL TO LIVE.

Trying to convince yourself that you are healing, is not the same as being receptive to healing. Trying is simply not-doing. Being receptive is a participatory action. It means you are willing to adjust, consider, and learn a new way of addressing your stress and health.

Pencil in time for your healingIn order to understand the participation factor of being receptive, imagine that you are standing in a room and just dropped your pencil. The pencil represents failing health and high stress.

Consider these scenarios with our mythical pencil:


You can stand there and hope that someone else notices and will take action for you by picking up the pencil, but even then, if you do not receive the pencil when it is handed to you, but try to receive it, you still don’t have the pencil in your hand. Trying and doing are two different things. 

This is the same as going to the doctor and she gives you a prescription with  instructions on what to do with it, then going home and putting the pills in your cupboard. This is not going to heal you. Following instructions is more effective!


With the pencil lying on the floor, (or your health in crisis in full swing) you can stand there and hope that the pencil will magically reappear into your hand (or hope that the crisis will just go away.) Wishing and hoping are useless without action. You can wish it would come to you, and then you can hope it will, but if you do not DO SOMETHING towards that end result, you will receive nothing.

This is similar to holding onto negative thoughts and hoping that you’ll just become a happier and healthier person without having to participate in the process to uncover why you cling to your negative thoughts. 


Trying is not doing. Plain and simple. You can flop towards the floor in what looks like an effort to pick up your pencil, but if you don’t grip it firmly and stand up with it still in your hand, then it will continue to lie on the floor. Just like your health will continue to decline when you half-heartedly come into the office to receive treatment but do not apply a healthy mindset towards that treatment. 

This is where the power of your mind manifests or blocks your healing. Coming into the office, even scheduling and attending several sessions of various therapies, may not do for you what you are expecting them to do – without your full participation. You can literally block the effectiveness of a pill, a surgery, a doctor’s advice, counseling, or therapy simply by resisting it in your mind, or not admitting that you are convinced it won’t work. Therefore, your body complies and sickness remains.

The simple fact remains, your healing is dependent upon how you think about your health, your life, the areas you are resisting and the methods you embrace. 

Pencil in some important times for total healing …
Body, mind, and emotions.

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