Release and let go!

There’s another way to lose your baggage without the airlines being involved!

Choosing to travel through life a bit lighter than before, is a wonderful exercise in releasing and letting go.

From past experience and observation, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Worrying about what you might miss in life, or in your day, may set you up to carry unnecessary mental and emotional baggage.

The central worry is often caused by a sub-conscious fear of lack or injury and not being prepared. Perhaps this is a response that rooted in our DNA through the “fight or flight” triggers that we were created with. Those responses were necessary for immediate action in case a need presented itself to fight for survival or to flee from an enemy or predator.

There’s no escaping this trigger – it’s in our DNA and is a part of who we are. However, there is rarely a need for this emergency response. However, when triggered, we are in action and focused on whatever it was that triggered our response.

Fear and anxietyMarketers count on this. So do the News Stations and their advertisers. Implanting subliminal thoughts of fear, danger, lack, or rejection is an integral part of how the media presents the story or the product for sale.

Leaving the house with a subliminal message of “do I have enough?” and then returning home with another subconscious thought of “will this be taken away?” are thoughts that are common to modern man. Add to this, hours of TV watching, Facebook surfing and being bombarded with negative news stories that create fear, worry, and dread, and you have a sure cocktail mix for high anxiety and stress.

Putting our adrenal glands (the fight or flight control centers) on a non-stop demand for action will create high-stress factors that enhance the occasion for disease in the body. The mind and emotions follow with the highs and lows of anger, fear, sorrow, and worry. And all of this is at an unconscious level!

Without addressing the staggering amount of nonstop stress inducers in our lives, we are doomed to poor health, weight issues, conflict in relationships and mental illness.

Let go!


Leave your baggage behindBegin by noticing what is causing the negative emotional state that you may be experiencing in this moment. Is it the news on the TV? Turn it off!

Is it an overload of negative information and fear-inducing rumors?  Turn it off!

Is it someone else’s stress that you’ve taken on, unconsciously? Release it!

Decide to live more simply and make it a priority to relax and focus on healing and releasing the baggage from your past – and present-day.

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