Holiday Stress

Addressing holiday stress is a must before anyone can truly express joy during this season.

The pressure to purchase gifts for every person on your list can be daunting with limited time and funds.

Stress screamStress is at an all-time high as many people struggle with the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, holiday traffic and financial stress along with family, friends and other people pulling you every which way.

You are not the only one that is overwhelmed by these things, but I do have a few suggestions that may bring a little joy to this season of NOEL and lights.

A stress busting tool that is easy and will make a huge impact on you and others is to SMILE. A SMILE can bring your spirits up along with all those that see you and you can start doing it today without any subscription costs, medical appointments or financial obligations. Though people may wonder why you are smiling, this simple act can have a positive impact on the world around you.

This will truly make a difference in your attitude and people may respond by smiling back. What a wonderful way to impact lives every day through a conscious act of facial kindness. Try it and see what happens to your outlook on life and others.

The time that I spent in the Life Vessel was a life-saver! My stress just melted away, giving me a refreshing outlook on life and greater clarity while family visited for the holidays. I just couldn’t wipe the smile from my face!”

Laughter and joyThe stress of Christmas can really be difficult without this next technique. This practice brings a baby sheer joy and tears to our eyes when enthusiastically embraced, yet life would be so boring without it. It is not limited by language nor does it need words to be effective. It has been known to heal the broken and bring peace to the soul while uniting lives around the world. It has been known as a medicine to the heart and soothing to the bones, yet no drug or drink could ever replace or excel its influence. This life changer is so simple that even a child can recognize the benefit of laughter and humor.

Engaging in laughter and humor lifts the heaviness away like a kite on a warm spring day, to soar and sail on the winds of light-heartedness and freedom. This light-heartedness takes away sorrow and misery and makes life more bearable and sane momentarily.

To laugh at least 30 minutes a day, according to Loma Linda University, gives your body a natural relaxation workout. This simple practice can decrease the potential of heart attacks and boost the body’s immune system while reducing pain and stress.

Don’t let Christmas become Stressmas. Let the reason for the season help you share faith, hope, and love with your smiles and laughter.


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