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It creeps up on you when you least expect it. Much like being stuck in a traffic jam, inertia slips in when exhaustion has saturated you.

Exhaustion occurs when unexpected stressors hit your life, or there is no pause or resting periods in your daily activities. 

This is not the same thing as momentary boredom. Inertia is feeling paralyzed in thought and action. Coupled with low energy or emotional blockages such as hopelessness, fears, or grief; inertia is a dangerous state to find yourself in.

There are several reasons for inertia, including physical issues that arise that may be caused by an illness that needs to be addressed. In that case, be sure to see your medical practitioner and discuss his or her working with us at Strategies for Healing as a part of your wellness team

Other issues can cause inertia which are mental blockages created by negative belief systems and/or just pure exhaustion from a stressed body that is in desperate need of relaxation therapy. First, we’ll look at mental blockages …

Mental blockagesMENTAL BLOCKAGES

Don’t you just love it when your mind is clear and focused? On those happy days, problems are small and possibilities are larger than life. Solutions come easily and clarity is immediate. 

But then there are those days that often follow periods of clarity, that are blurry and unfocused. Problems that seemed so small and simple are now confusing and complicated. What happened?

Chasing catsMany times, we actually take our minds and brain health for granted. Things just work when they need to work. Much like breathing. But when trauma happens, or even consistent interruptions, the mind becomes stressed and thoughts scatter freely. The term “chasing cats” comes from attempts to describe days like this. As soon as you get one thought nailed down, another thought interrupts it and takes you on a different path, which is then interrupted by another thought, or phone call, or person, which then takes you down yet another path. Before long, you’ve forgotten what thought you started with and the day is nearly over. 

ConfusionWhat happened? Part of having clarity is being able to say “no” to distractions and to set a positive and productive course for the day. That’s what we do when we are clear. We set our course. But what if we are being influenced by negative emotions or fearful thoughts that are lying beneath the surface of our conscious thoughts?


First, a negative emotion might be triggered by something someone says or a song you hear on the radio. It could even be triggered by an aroma or just one of the many thoughts we have throughout the day. But on this day, something stirs an emotion and if not recognized, the negative emotional response will grow. As it grows, the negativity becomes more pronounced and you will become aware of it. Not understanding what triggered it in the first place, your mind will rush in to put a ‘story’ or a meaning to the darkness that is quickly approaching. 

In an instant, your day is dis-railed and your productivity becomes paralyzed. Weariness sets in the fog rolls in to cloud the rest of your day … or week … or month … or … heaven forbid even longer.


Perception reframing with sophisticated bio-communication is recommended as an effective place to start when you find yourself struggling with inertia. Utilizing high-tech software, you’ll discover the root emotion behind your paralysis. 

This easy, painless, and insightful therapy will help you to re-frame your perceptions by giving you a new perception of issues that may be blocking your health, wellness, and success. Next, we’ll address physical exhaustion …


When you have not had the sleep, or rest that you need and your adrenals are working overtime, you are heading for extreme exhaustion. Before you get to that point, it is important that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night and regular periods of time where you can just rest—mentally and physically.

In our busy world with non-stop real or perceived demands for attention, there is a powerful alternative you can easily budget into your time and wellness program. If you don’t have a wellness program, then one will be made for you—once a crisis hits—unless you call us first.

Plan regular Life Vessel visits to help rebalance your autonomic nervous system and provide your body with the relaxation it desperately needs to repair damaged cells.

Clarity and vision

By addressing the mental and emotional issues that lead to physical stressors and imbalance, you will be doing something NOW which will create momentum for a healthier and more productive and happier you.

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