Frequency affects you and your health more than you know. 

You know frequencies in the form of music, rhythms, and beats. It is the frequency that is contained in those mediums—and all around us, that can be good – or bad. 

Most of us are familiar with frequency without really understanding it. We know that a high pitched frequency will shatter glass. Or that a fast beat will make us want to run or perk up our energy level, while at the same time a slower, softer frequency will calm nerves and anxious minds.

What many people do not know, is that frequency can heal. It’s not just your mood, emotions, or mental awareness that changes when you are listening to various types of music in varying frequencies. Your actual physical make-up will respond negatively or positively, depending on the frequencies around you.

The definition of frequency has to do with how frequently an event occurs. In the case of a scientific explanation, this also applies, although it is referring to an electromagnetic wave. One full cycle of a wave is a Hertz. A frequency is determined by how many Hertz occur in a second. 

Here’s a great article that describes the frequencies we are surrounded by and how they affect us negatively or positively.

There’s a YouTube video with a solid tone that you can listen to in ever increasing frequencies. The video below is also included in this article.

Read the article here.


Experience frequencies 

While you listen to this video, notice the various emotional responses that you will experience once you can hear the frequency, how those emotional responses evolve or change, and then when you can no longer hear the tone. This will give you an idea of what range you are aware of audibly, as well as experiencing your own responses to these various frequencies.

Enjoy the healing benefits of Sound Therapy

A more pleasant way to enjoy healing frequencies is through music therapy which is utilized in two of our popular relaxation therapy treatments.

Perception Reframing addresses the very emotions that you experience while watching the video above. Anxiety, fear, anger, sorrow and other negative emotions that trigger negative behaviors and thoughts. 

Life Vessel sessions balance your entire autonomic nervous system with frequency and light therapy, detoxing the body of stress and facilitating healing at a cellular level. 

Take action now!

Whether or not you like it – you ARE being affected and influenced by frequencies. Most of which are negative and destructive, and which create additional stress and anxiety.

Reverse the effects of these stressful frequencies with Life Vessel sessions and Perception Reframing for negative emotional clearing.

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