Suffering from insomnia is not a normal physical event, nor is it a hopeless one.

High anxiety, stress, organic reasons within the body, or even mental illness can affect your sleep patterns. 

When your whole energy system is out of order, sleep patterns are often disrupted. This, in turn, will often cause additional stress and anxiety due to the sleeplessness and lead to a continual pattern of not being able to sleep deeply at night.

The various therapies at Strategies for Healing support your recovery utilizing our specialized therapies in addressing emotional and mental anxiety and in balancing your autonomic nervous system through relaxation therapy.

All the medical help in the world cannot do what is desired if your body is rejecting the treatments through stress related issues. For instance, a patient voices frustration that their Doctor tried this, then that, then the other drug or treatment and after spending thousands of dollars on various unsuccessful treatments, only to discover that the root of their issues was stress.

Stress comes in many forms other than just exhaustion. We cause stress in our bodies when we are angry and negative thoughts grind on our will and emotions. Note the word “grind.” The body responds to stuffed anger with dis-ease and is often heard at night by the grinding of teeth. In this instance, a Dentist can fix the teeth, but if the anger is not dealt with, the grinding of teeth will continue and more broken teeth and painful jaw symptoms will return.

The same is true with drugs that put the body in a deep sleep or attempt to calm tumultuous thoughts.  If the root of these issues is not addressed, any therapy is only a band-aid or providing temporary relief.

On any day, at nearly any time, you can view an advertisement by a local attorney offering to help you sue a drug company for horrible side effects or addiction issues. Rather than go that far down the systematic treatment “rabbit trail” consider what stress is doing to your body, will and emotions and STOP THE MADNESS!

“The autonomic nervous system regulates certain body processes, such as blood pressure and the rate of breathing. This system works automatically (autonomously), without a person’s conscious effort.

Disorders of the autonomic nervous system can affect any body part or process.”

Overview of the Autonomic Nervous System, By Phillip Low, MD, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

The first step to addressing your stress at a root level is to balance your autonomic nervous system, as we mentioned above. The Life Vessel has been designed for this purpose. 

Begin by addressing your insomnia and anxiety with treatment sessions in the Life Vessel. Without sleep … your body cannot heal.  Stress is a killer! Relaxation therapy is life giving. 

Dream of a better life … a whole life.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on treatments that may do more harm than good, start here. The only thing you will lose … is a layer of stress. What you will gain far outweighs what you’ll invest in this cutting-edge technology for supporting your health and quality of life.

Contact us now to schedule your first appointment!

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