Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are anxious, fearful, angry, and just plain exhausted when complete relaxation has eluded you?

People will even say that they are feeling “off-kilter” or “out of whack” when they are out of balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.

half full or half emptyNoticing these responses is a red flag that you need special attention to bring you back into balance in every area. The energetic responses you are feeling when you are out of balance is a sign that your autonomic nervous system is in need of attention.

The autonomic nervous system is what is “running in the background” of your body’s functions. Breathing, sweating, heartbeats … all of those areas that you don’t have to think about to do, but which are vital for life … is what the autonomic nervous system addresses. Click here to learn in more depth on Wikipedia.

The problem is, we live in an extremely out-of-balanced world where fear-triggers are at every turn. The demands of life “scream” for our attention over self-care, or the maintaining of healthy relationships. However, if we can’t take care of ourselves, how can we possibly tend to the needs of others?

At Strategies for Healing, we offer many alternative therapies to help you with various stress issues. At the top of the list is the Life Vessel, which is a tremendous respite from the chaos of daily living.

Life Vessel treatments

We highly recommend a regular regimen of Life Vessel treatments to help support health and well-being which keeps disease-causing irritants at bay. It is in the Life Vessel that your autonomic nervous system will be re-balanced through cutting-edge technology that treats you with sound frequencies, and light therapy.

In this calming, safe, and secure setting you are able to deeply rest while listening to music and being surrounded by healing frequencies and bathed in therapeutic light.  Begin with a set of four closely scheduled sessions to kick-start the process of re-balancing your system.

Ripple effect Once a month or once a week, schedule additional Life Vessel sessions (ask us about discounts for multiple schedulings) to continue to maintain this new balance. Relaxation contributes to being more focused in addition to having better energy. Naturally, you’ll be able to accomplish more with less stress and anxiety. In addition, many

You’ll discover that you’re more focused in addition to having better energy when you have intentionally set aside for this therapeutic relaxation therapy. Naturally, you’ll be able to accomplish more with less stress and anxiety. In addition, many clients share with us that they are sleeping more deeply and better than ever before.

Life Vessel sessions are excellent before and after illnesses. When you call to schedule an appointment, be sure to ask us how the Life Vessel can be used for ongoing recovery from medical treatments ordered by your Doctor. Better yet, have your Doctor contact us for more information!

Contact us now to schedule your Life Vessel sessions!



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