Christine Horner M.D. on the Life Vessel

Medical Doctors are understanding the benefits of relaxation therapy and what the Life Vessel offers. 

Life Vessel sessions are an addition to your health protocol by allowing the body to move into a deeply relaxing state for self-repair. 

Christine Horner, M.D. has this to say about her experience with the Life Vessel:

Christine Horner M.D. on the Life VesselAfter visiting the Life Vessel in Cottonwood, Arizona and experiencing a series of treatments in early 2007, I became completely captivated by the extraordinary healing effects of the deceptively simple device.

This is my understanding of how this technology works. The Life Vessel uses light, sound, vibration and frequency. Quantum physics tells us that at the finest level of life, everything in the universe if composed of the same thing – vibrating strings. Physicists call this the Grand Unification Theory of the Super String Theory. These vibrating strings create frequencies and sound waves. So all living cells and tissues in the human body emit specific frequencies – and they have been measured and documented. When the cells and tissues in the body are healthy, they emit a certain frequency; when they are unhealthy, they emit another frequency.

The Life Vessel bathes the human body in the frequencies of healthy tissues. Acting like a tuning fork, it causes the cells in the body to start vibrating at those healthy frequencies. This effect causes the DNA or blueprint for life in each cell to begin expressing itself more normally. All disorders of the human body involve abnormal expression of the DNA. With the correction of the DNA expression to a more normal state, it is easy to understand why virtually any disorder may improve with the Life Vessel treatments.

“I personally use the Life Vessel as a way to maintain my good health.”

I personally use the Life Vessel as a way to maintain my good health. For me, the detoxification effects as well as the normalization of the DNA expression are exceptional for correcting the influences from everyday environmental toxins and stress which could lead to future disease.

There are many other case reports showing that the Life Vessel is an effective tool for various other mental, physical and emotional disorders. In my opinion, this remarkable technology, which works at the most fundamental basis of life, will revolutionize the practice of medicine.

Christine Horner, MD


Christine Athena Horner is an American plastic surgeon, author, professional speaker, and activist for the prevention of breast cancer through holistic and alternative medicine methods. She is regarded as an expert on the subject of breast cancer. Wikipedia

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