Getting Rid of “Normal” when “Normal” is the Last Thing You Want to Be!

Are you noticing that your “normal” life is anything BUT normal? Do you wish that “normal” really was normal? Or at least not quite so awful? As curious as it might seem,Read More…

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Christine Horner M.D. on the Life Vessel

Christine Horner, M.D. on the Life Vessel

Medical Doctors are understanding the benefits of relaxation therapy and what the Life Vessel offers.  Life Vessel sessions are an addition to your health protocol by allowing the body to move into aRead More…

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The Awesome Power of Sound Waves

Scientists are revealing to the public the amazing power of sound waves. In several YouTube videos, experiments reveal how sound vibrations change the way objects respond to gravity. WARNING! Fascinating rabbit trails of informationRead More…

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Trauma after a car accident

Recovering more effectively and quickly after a physical trauma

In a day and age where distracted, over-stressed people are behind the wheel of their vehicles and flying down the highway at high-speed, your chance of getting into an accident is muchRead More…

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Reduce the affects of being overwhelmed

The 5 Most Common and Seductive Payoffs for Living a Stressed Filled Life

No one escapes the grip of stress. But are you making it your lifestyle? There’s a “payoff” for any state of being that we maintain. If we didn’t get something out ofRead More…

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