Constant mental clutter and negative thinking are so common now, marketers focus on the emotion of fear to trigger action.

Did you know that we are exposed to fear triggering ideas, concepts, and thoughts every minute of the day? 

Mind clutter, anxiety, fearIf it’s not your own worrying or negative thinking adding to your mind clutter, it’s news media highlighting the most frightening and “newsworthy” stories to snatch the attention of viewers. Or it’s advertising that is geared towards triggering your fight or flight responses to purchase the latest product that you’d be “less-than” if you went without.

Fearing for your safety and peace of mind due to being caught in a “less-than” state of being is why people will find themselves in a weakened state when it comes to buying a “better-than” vehicle (better than they can truly afford, but definitely “better than” the next door neighbor’s car).

The simple mindset of “keeping up with the Joneses” is what advertising agencies … and pharmaceutical industries are counting on. Stress on a constant basis fuels the drug economy with the message that the population needs more sleep aids, more energy drinks to wake up, more drugs to calm twitching legs, more drops for those dry eyes, and the best alcohol at the end of the day.


The message is that we have to push harder and harder, and subconsciously, that’s exactly what our minds respond to that creates that toxic mind clutter soup. Internal messages of  GO! GO! GO! that have no mercy regarding the quality of life fuels guilt-ridden actions that create a state of constant anxiety.

Just listen to the commercials without looking at the TV screen. Listen to the side-effects of those drugs they are convincing you that you cannot live without. Think through the stories you’re hearing on the news and the subtle messages on regular TV entertainment. 


Were you just watching the news, or listening to a dialog on a TV show, and suddenly felt yourself in a state of despair that made no sense? Were you just crying and grieving as you watched a movie, and thought it was all about the movie? Pay attention to what your personal triggers are and ask yourself a few questions.


Recently, a friend of mine told me that she was watching a historical movie about a woman of royal birth who’s Father, the King, had just died. A dignitary from the country of which she was visiting, bent down and kissed her shoes as an act of compassion, respect for her loss, and her new station in life … as Queen.

She immediately began to weep and wondered (noticed) what her trigger was. It wasn’t that the woman had lost her Father, nor that she was now taking on the weight of her country. It was the fact that this man had humbled himself to RESPECT her. (Something my friend had not felt she had received much of in her lifetime.)


By noticing this, she uncovered an emotional trigger of being disrespected and that there was deep pain there to have been triggered so easily by a simple movie.

When asked what she would do with this information, she replied, “Are you kidding me! I’m coming to your office to address this emotional pain that is causing me to question and distrust people in my life! I didn’t realize how much this simple issue has been clouding the decisions I make, or how I trust and react while negotiating contracts, or trusting people. It’s time this was dealt with!”

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Because she had been in the office for Life Vessel sessions, she understood how the soothing and healing sound frequencies from the music that is played, will calm her. Along with the light therapy, she had already experienced what the difference her energy and clarity was when her autonomic nervous system was balanced by this valuable therapy.

She also knew how much the emotional clearing through Perception Reframing therapy and Mind/Body Protocol had helped her already, and knew that losing momentum wasn’t something she was willing to do when it came to reclaiming her life and energy.

Simply by noticing the fear triggers in our world today, and how they affect us in every area of our lives, we are able to make better choices in how we will respond.

By planning ahead and investing in ourselves by scheduling regular Life Vessel sessions and other therapies that support a balanced life, we can navigate the constant barrage of stress inducers that the drug and advertising industries count on. Standing apart from the “maddening crowd” allows you to release anxiety and identify the root issues surrounding it. Family and friends will notice the change and want to know what you are doing.


Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and to strategize with Gary or Sharon on the best relaxation therapy suited for your lifestyle.  When you speak to them, be sure to ask about discounts for bulk sessions and family discounts!


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