Addictions and Brokenness

Understand the warning signs of addictions and addictive behavior

Three red flag behaviors that are major warning signs that can be addressed through alternative therapies to reduce stress triggers.


When an individual begins to isolate from others to keep their behaviors secret, it may be a warning sign. Isolation can be from people, family involvement, social events or church.  Exposure of the addiction causes too much shame, guilt, and judgment; therefore the addict will withdraw. The more isolation there is—the greater the damage that begins to take place in the addict’s life.

Not wanting helpIndependence

When an addict gets an attitude of “I can do this (recovery) on my own,” or “I can handle this (the addiction) by myself,” or “I don’t need anybody’s help.”  When an individual is unwilling to admit to a need for support and accountability, the addiction will progress.


Is the inevitable outcome of isolation and independence. When an individual gives in to the demand to satisfy the craving, the cycle is complete. This progression lends itself to taking liberty over restraint. At this point–the addiction cycle will continue.

If you or someone you know is displaying these warning signs, or struggling with emotional pain or mental anguish, consider incorporating the following therapies before its too late:

PERCEPTION REFRAMING – Emotional pain begins long before it gets to the point of becoming unbearable. Visit this page to watch the video and learn more about how this therapy clears toxic emotions.

TRAUMA AND EMOTIONAL CLEARING – Work with a trained professional in Christian energy work to uncover blocked emotions and beliefs from the past that are blocking and preventing forward progress in healthy living.

LIFE VESSEL – Life Vessel Sessions balance the autonomic nervous system, supporting the body in healing and recovery from disease-causing stress.

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