Alleviating Mind Clutter, Fear, Anxiety, and Confusion through Relaxation Therapy

Constant mental clutter and negative thinking are so common now, marketers focus on the emotion of fear to trigger action. Did you know that we are exposed to fear triggering ideas, concepts,Read More…

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How Concentrated Relaxation, Light, and Vibrational Therapy Heals

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are anxious, fearful, angry, and just plain exhausted when complete relaxation has eluded you? People will even say that they are feeling “offRead More…

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Relationship stress

Stopping the Decent Down the Slippery Slope of Stress

Before they made their commitment to one another, they were convinced that unlike others they knew, their marriage would be one of deep connection and trust. What they didn’t count on wasRead More…

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Taking Care of the Caregiver

It is essential to pay attention to your own health and stress reduction in order to provide the best of care! When a loved one is ill, it is very easy toRead More…

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Release and let go!

Release … and LET GO! Leave your baggage behind!

There’s another way to lose your baggage without the airlines being involved! Choosing to travel through life a bit lighter than before, is a wonderful exercise in releasing and letting go. FromRead More…

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