merry-go-round of fear and anxiety

There’s Nothing Merry About Riding a Merry-go-round of Fear and Anxiety

Riding a merry-go-round of fear and anxiety is an everyday occurrence for too many people—especially when there are constant reminders on the news and in social media of reasons to remain inRead More…

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Frequency, Light, Sound, Vibration Therapy

Frequency, Energy Work, and Other Spooky Words for Beginners

What do you think of when you think of the words; frequency, energy work, vibration, or other words that you hear often in the alternative health arena? Some people shy away fromRead More…

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Freedom through Mind/Body Protocol

How Body/Mind Protocol Therapy Can Address Low Energy and Depression

Gain freedom from chronic depression that contributes to low energy and self-sabotage. Consistently poor results in the workplace and noticeable depression is more common than most realize. This issue can be alleviatedRead More…

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The Benefits of Infra-red Light and Sleeping Better after Sessions in the Life Vessel

Restore your health and sleep better with Life Vessel Sessions Life Vessel sessions combine the benefits of frequency and infrared light to balance your well being and physical health. Have you ever awakenedRead More…

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Stress is not what you think

Stress Can Be Your Friend? Time for a Perception Re-frame!

We’ve heard it a million times … Stress Kills! Yet this researcher, who for years has taught this very thing, now presents a very different conclusion. It is not stress that killsRead More…

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